Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Road

I should like to think the sentiments expressed below are indeed true, but I lack the ability to draw the comparison to the great american West as was so eloquently done by Jack. Either way, I really like this quote:

"I thought the wilderness of America was in the West till the Ghost of the Susquehanna showed me different. No, there is a wilderness in the East; it's the same wilderness Ben Franklin plodded in the oxcart days when he was postmaster, the same as it was when George Washington was a wildbuck Indian-fighter, when Daniel Boone told stories by Pennsylvania lamps and promised to find the Gap, when Bradford build his road and men whooped her up in log cabins. There were no great Arizona spaces for the little man, just the bushy wilderness of eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, the backroads, the black-tar roads that curve among the mournful rivers like Susquehanna, Monongahela, old Potomac and Monocacy."

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