Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Something for Everyone

I found the time to link to YouTube videos for each song. Hopefully the links work.

You Tube Title Artist
LINK Sagitarrius Silver Announcement The Flaming Lips
LINK I'm Bound to Pack it Up The White Stripes
LINK Desire Lines Deerhunter
LINK I Think I Like You Donora
LINK Ready to Start Arcade Fire
LINK Electric Feel MGMT
LINK I Was Born (A Unicorn) The Unicorns
LINK Ladies Of The World Flight Of The Conchords
LINK Honest I Do The Rolling Stones
LINK A Pretty Girl Is Like ... The Magnetic Fields
LINK 1901 (acoustic) Phoenix
LINK So Insane Discovery
LINK The Most Beautiful Girl*  Flight Of The Conchords
LINK Hooting And Howling Wild Beasts
LINK Jack-Ass Beck
LINK Memory Loss The Radio Dept.
LINK After Hours (Closet Mix) The Velvet Underground

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